Close to the Kazanlak were found ruins of ancient town, roman baths, balneology equipment, christian churches and many more which is prove that the Kazanlak was famous in the ancient times. In our days are restored many historical and archeological attractions. There are many Thracian tombs left and also Roman empire roads.
On the west of Kazanlak is the Koprinka dam where the Thracian King Seuthes III was build his capital Sevtopolis. The town is under the water of the Koprinka dam.
There are a lot of  mounds around. Some of them are in the town but others are spread around mainly in Shipka region and Gabarevo village. In Tazha there are many ruins left from ancient towns and mounds, one of them is “Choeva mound near to village of Viden where is found old Thracian village.


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