• Хотел Чифлика
  • Хотел Чифлика
  • Хотел Чифлика
  • Хотел Чифлика
  • Хотел Чифлика


In 1865 was built the temple St. Iliya with the help of all the population of Kuklen quarter. On 3 August 1877 Circassians and bashi-bazouks rushed into the town from west. After killing people and robbing the houses they tried to enter the temple but they didn’t succeed.After treachery of the local people ...  More...

Добре дошли в Хотел Ресторант

Bairaktarovata kyshta-complex "Chiflika" was built in 1851. It is one of the houses in the group of the cultural monuments - ethnographic complex "Kulata". The house is located in the old town of Kazanlak. It is bordered to the north with old farmhouse where every year takes place in Spring Rose Festival.Currently, the house was restored into a family hotel and restaurant that keeps the spirit of the time back in 1851. The family hotel has 15 rooms and 1 studio, each with a private bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioner. The tavern is an old style and with a fireplace. It is built on a 150 sq / m place. The garden is designed for a summer garden and apart from it there is a summer terrace with city views.More...

Приятели хотел ресторант

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